Сranberry Paste

  • Natural antibiotic and powerful anti-oxidizer
  • Has prophylactic and apparent anti-bacterial properties
  • Strengthens human immune system, suppresses septic and fermentative processes in human body
  • Highly effective against diseases of urino-genital system, urinoexcretory organs and kidneys
  • Indispensable for curing purulent wounds, abscesses, postoperative rehabilitation

Blueberry Paste

  • Allows to reduce blood sugar level and helps people with diabetes to live a normal life
  • Improves lipidic metabolism, stimulates weight loss and body cleansing
  • Improves mental activity and memory
  • Normalizes level of cholesterol
  • Activates immune system, increases human body resistance against colds and flu
  • Shows regenerative properties, stimulates rejuvenation
  • Helps against visual fatigability, myopia, dystrophic changes in retina and vitreous body, cataract and glaucoma

Cowberry Paste

  • Powerful natural prebiotic, allows to restore normal intestinal microflora
  • Powerful natural antibiotic, inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria and funguses
  • Prophylactic effect against cardiovascular pathologies

Sea Buckthorn Paste

  • Enriched with essential fatty acids from sea buckthorn seeds
  • Normalizes cardiovascular system function
  • Has regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, radioprotective, and anti-ulcerogenic properties