Our awards

Gold: Favorite Food & Drinks

Favorite Food & Drinks is the only international tasting competition in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to identify high-quality food and beverages by organoleptic characteristics by the “blind” method.

The mission of Favorite Food & Drinks is to make it easier for buyers to choose which of the producers to prefer and which of the products to include in the range, or for buyers to choose which products to put in the consumer basket in the first place.

Blueberry paste in “100 best products of Ukraine”

Awarded to enterprises and companies in accordance with the international rules of “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR), according to which the company assumes compliance for the quality of products, its impact on consumers and the environment.

Gold symbol of quality

is carried out with the aim of combining efforts aimed at improving the quality and competitiveness of domestic products, promoting the introduction of modern quality management methods at Ukrainian enterprises.