Our mission

Our mission

At Liqberry, we believe that we can change our world for better,and our main goals to help people live healthier and richer life.


All our products are made using unique Liqberry technology which allows extraction of all the useful elements that are usually lost during consumption of fresh berries. The process allows to achieve the highest quality of the product without sterilization or preservatives. No sugar, water or any other additive is used, that’s why every our product is a pure berry paste even more useful than fresh berries.

Health research

At Liqberry, we strive for better, that’s why we invest heavily into health research. Since our foundation, we have conducted more than 20 scientific studies on the effects of our products on human health, specifically on diabetes, coronary artery disease and cancer. These researches have apparently confirmed strong positive impact of our products, especially for normalization of blood sugar level.

Product quality

Fresh berries for our products are carefully selected from the best available on the market and all our products are made according to the strictest state health standards. The process is monitored at each step with regards to the highest sanitation requirements. Every bottle is rigorously checked, so we can be sure of the highest quality offered to our customers.