Blueberry Paste

Liqberry blueberry paste — formula of life

Main advantage of Liqberry blueberry paste is complex action on the entire human body, that’s why it helps to cope with such a wide range of health problems.

Blueberry seed is not digested by human body, therefore its contents is usually lost. Liqberry technology allows to break seeds and peel, extract, preserve and enhance all the miscellaneous useful properties of berry paste.

Energy of life accumulated in blueberry seed, allows blueberry sprout to pierce quagmire and grow up many times bigger and heavier than the seed itself. Structure of this ‘Formula of life’: polyunsaturated fat acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, eicosenoic and other acids. It also includes group of vitamins B, E, β-carotene, group of stertols, phytoestrogens and unique protein which is now being analyzed. Unique ‘cocktail’ prepared from the blueberry using our technology, provides all these elements in a form which allows almost complete digestion by human body.