Сranberry Paste

Liqberry cranberry paste — natural antibiotic

Energy of life, accumulated in cranberry seed, allows cranberry sprout to pierce quagmire and grow up many times bigger and heavier than the seed itself.

Structure of this ‘Formula of life’: polyunsaturated fat acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, vitamins C, E and K, β-carotene, group of stertols, phytoestrogens and ursolic acid.

Highly effective against diseases of urino-genital system, urinoexcretory organs and kidneys. Indispensable for curing purulent wounds, abscesses, postoperative rehabilitation

Cranberry paste decreases levels of inflammatory markers, activity of urease, increases potency of lysozyme and catalase. It also significantly decreases level of dysbacteriosis and increases anti-oxidant — pro-oxidant index