Cowberry Paste

Liqberry cowberry paste — natural prebiotic

Big number of organic acids (benzoic, salicylic, malic, tartaric, etc.) transforms cowberry into a powerful natural antibiotic which inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria and funguses and allows to effectively fight against infectious diseases such as pneumonia, pyelo- and glomerulonephritis, cystitis, thrush, skin diseases, etc.

Pectins and polyphenols present in cowberry effectively restore normal intestinal microflora (prebiotic), thus improving food assimilation and preventing complications from dysbacteriosis (low immunity, allergies, liver diseases, diabetes, etc.).c.

Cowberry shows good prophylactic effect against cardiovascular pathologies (arterial hypertension, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis). It also acts as anti-edematous agent and facilitates curing edemata caused by kidney or cardiovascular diseases or by pregnancy.

Due to its natural nourishing and regenerating properties cowberry is widely used in cosmetology for skin care. Cowberry paste is specifically recommended for patients with diabetes and hypertension, during pregnancy and lactation periods, for children and for people living in megalopolises with high pollution and unbalanced diet.